Acana Singles Pork & Squash

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ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Pork & Squash Dog Food

Perfect for fussy dogs! ACANA Singles Pork and Squash Dog Food is made with limited ingredients. Only one protein source for this blend—Pork. No plant protein concentrates or proteins from other meats. One protein source and limited carbohydrates makes this formula easy to digest and perfect for your picky pooch.

ACANA uses as much of the pork as it can, including meat, organs, and cartilage. Why is it important that ACANA Pork and Squash Dog Food includes liver, kidneys, and cartilage? Nutrients and amino acids that are easy for your dog’s body to use. Instead of adding supplements, ACANA Pork and Squash Dog Food uses organs, meat, and other tissue to supply these nutrients. If the ratios of meat, organs, and other tissue match what would be found in the wild, nearly all the essential nutrients and amino acids are present. ACANA calls this WholePrey Ratios and they use these ratios when making their blends. Giving your dog the nutrition it would find in the wild, in a consistent and convenient form. After all, Mother Nature knows best.

60% of ACANA Pork and Squash Dog Food is from pork. And half of that is delivered fresh to the DogStar kitchen daily. These ingredients are never frozen, ensuring maximum nutrient content and flavor. The other half are delivered dried or as fats, providing stability and balance in content. All the pork products used are fit for human consumption, meaning they are all inspected for safety and quality.

Other foods might have the first three ingredients be corn or wheat or soy. These can be hard for dogs to digest and some dogs have allergies to them. Not ACANA Pork and Squash Dog Food. The first three ingredients are Deboned Pork, Pork Meal, and Whole Green Peas. In fact, you won’t find corn, wheat, or soy anywhere in this dog food.

Local foods are best for maximum freshness. That’s why ACANA Singles Pork and Squash Dog Food includes as many foods by local suppliers. It ensures maximum quality, freshness, and safety. These producers are known and trusted suppliers that only provide the best. Just another great part of ACANA Pork and Squash Dog Food.