Aroma Paws Aloe Deep Conditioner

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  • DEEP CONDITIONING FOR PUPPIES, DOGS: Keep your dog’s paws, skin, fur and coat tangle free, soft and shiny when needing a deep conditioning treatment from Aroma Paws.
  • PAMPERING PAW, FUR SOLUTIONS: As your canine companion plays all day, it’s likely his fur and paws require some TLC. Choose from a variety of deep conditioning treatments that include skin-soothing, fur conditioner, deep conditioning treatments and paw conditioner.
  • ALL-NATURAL HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Aroma Paws only uses healthy ingredients in its dog conditioning treatments, coat sprays, shampoos and pet products. This skin, paw and fur-soothing treatment option is free from dyes, pesticides, salt, animal by-products, DEA and TEA.
  • GROOMING SOLUTION: Whether you groom dogs professionally or in your own home, stock up on this Aroma Paws deep conditioning treatment for both small and large breeds. The Ph balanced conditioners are all natural and loosen knots and tangles to simplify brushing.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All products from Aroma Paws are bio-degradable and proudly made in the USA, offering all-natural benefits furry friends, pet parents and the environment.