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Green Juju

Green Juju Freeze Dried Salmon

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This freeze-dried raw whole-bite topper can be fed to your pet in a variety of ways: as a topper on food, as a treat, or even rehydrated for an extra boost of moisture. Green Juju blends the power of organic veggies with a salmon protein source to create this palatable, delicious freeze-dried raw whole-bite topper for your dog or cat. The salmon in this topper are wild-caught in Alaska and the bites are crafted in the Pacific Northwest. 

  • USA-sourced ingredients and made in the Pacific Northwest
  • Raw bites are freeze-dried, making them a very palatable texture for pets
  • Can be fed as a treat, a topper, or rehydrated
  • Simple ingredient panel includes three organic vegetables and wild-caught salmon, which makes it a good option for animals with food sensitivities to common proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Primary Protein: Salmon