Primal Dog Starter Kit

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Primal's Frozen Canine Starter Packs are the perfect way to introduce your dog to a raw diet! With these Starter Packs you get four of Primal's raw formulas for your dog to try! Primal provides your dog with convenient ready-to-serve raw frozen meals that are complete and balanced and packed with protein and nutrition! No measuring or mixing required! It's as easy as thaw and serve! Primal only uses the highest quality humanely and sustainably-sourced ingredients to provide your pet with healthy and flavorful nutrition! Made with pure meat, organ, ground bone, and organic produce for a nutritious and delicious meal! Ground bone is a great natural source of calcium to keep your pet's teeth and bones strong! Features four individually vacuum-sealed bags of three 1 oz. frozen nuggets for each protein formula. Each Canine Starter Pack contains Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey & Sardine formulas. The small nugget size make are ideal for easy serving and easy eating! Your pup will be drooling for more of these delicious raw meals! Made in USA.